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2017 Presentations


XLights and LOR Living Peacefully Together 

by Clyde Lindsey

Do you use XLights and want to add LOR or you use LOR and want to add XLights, but not sure how or they just don't seem to play nice with each other?? Then this session  you won't want to miss!! Clyde is going to go over the "Tips & Tricks" on getting LOR & XLights to work together!

PDF version of presentation slides



Internet Controlled Christmas Lights

by Tom Hammond

Tom will outline how to create an internet controlled, interactive Christmas light display, based on "FREE" software (Xlights and Falcon Player) and "Low-Cost" hardware (Raspberry Pi and Arduino).

PDF version of presentation slides



Pixels on a Budget

by David Jones

David is the "guru" of DIY, and he will show you how to have the Holiday show of your dreams, and not break the bank!

PDF version of presentation slides



Raspberry Pi

by Dan Blickensderfer

You just got your new Raspberry Pi, now what?  Let Dan show you how to set it up and control your lights wirelessly.

PDF version of presentation slides



Dumb RGB's

by Clyde Lindsey

Clyde will show you the many advantages of using "Dumb RGB".


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