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The tune-to sign is a bit of a misnomer.  Traditional tune-to signs display a message to outdoor visitors to tune their car radios to a station that is playing Christmas music that is synchronized to lights.  

My tune-to sign works differently.  It uses 135 columns by 7 rows of LED lights to display messages in a ticker-tape or scrolling marquee fashion.  These strips of LEDs are mounted in a 16' wooden box, powered by a computer power supply and driver by an Arduino Mega 2560.

You can program up to 55 messages of 75 characters each.  The tune-to sign will randomly display these messages in various colors.  

What makes this tune-to sign interesting is that if someone in the world is actively controlling the Christmas lights, the sign will display the country and city/region that someone is from, using a message such as "Lighting being controlled from Paris, France".

The tune-to sign controller works independently of the other controllers; the tune-to controller does not need to communicate with xLights nor Falcon Player.

Tune-to sign controller (one half)

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