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  • Corey

    posted by Corey

    Monday, 27 November 2017 17:09

    Question about the DMX sketch. I have found several out there and tried them. However they are limiting me to only controlling only 200 lights. (WS2811 RGB)
    For instance. We have our tree wrapped with 1 strand that is 300 pixels long. (6 strings x 50 pixels connected together)
    I have no problem controlling them all with FastLED or NeoPixels. However I cannot seem to find a way to get any DMX sketch to allow me to control 300 pixels in a single strand. Also when I setup the xLights software it only allows me to go up to 512 Channels.

    for xLights my understanding is the for 1 pixel = 3 channels (RGB). unless i am not understanding that correctly.

    Any help would be fantastic!!! love the site and information. it has helped me a lot getting started.

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