To-Do List

Easiest to hardest:

  • Add realtime clock to webpage for visitors from different timezones to easily tell when lights are available
  • Add two bulbs to bottom left string
  • Shorten bottom left and bottom middle cords?
  • Make floor hole in living room larger
  • Replace current garage extension cord with new 50' cord
  • Backup FPP as image
  • Backup camera as image
  • Backup "Christmas DMX" folder to CD
  • Make new tree anchors
  • Fix driveway arch
  • Find out why last 4-5 pixels do not light up on bottom left string (something wrong with sequence or string itself?)
  • Secure camera better so that wind doesn't blow it around.
  • Add resistors to data lines in GE control box
  • Build how-to website
  • Redo Layout in xLights (fix window accuracy)
  • Add WS2811 RGB spotlights
  • Add WS2811 mini arches
  • Person who may provide free stuff from MicroCenter: Ed Lukins, 614-850-3270
  • Find out how to allow more simultaneous connections to the camera. Try setting up sessions with Facebook Live? YouTube Streaming? Twitch? I discovered that a 4.5Mbps upload connection allows up to 8 simultaneous connections.
  • When there are too many people clicking, try setting up votes so that every 30 seconds, the most voted sequence plays.
  • Figure out whe GE bulbs are pink at times when they are supposed to be white (ask Facebook group)
  • Fix existing sequences and make them nicer, convert my old animations to sequences.
  • Website does not seem to show me as the clicker, even when the lights are available. It shows the previous clicker as using them instead.
  • Find out why white analog LED lights flicker on wreath
  • Find out why Falcon Player services sometimes stops for no reason, will not accept web input, have to restart service. (intermittent problem, sometimes more often than not). If I fix *** below, it may fix this problem, too.
  • Find out why GE controller "freezes" for no reason, need to reset power to accept DMX data from Falcon Player (rare problem).
  • Find out way to prevent people from sending commands to Falcon Player when lights are not on (daylight hours)
  • Find out why GE pixels are pink instead of white under full load (seems to be a power issue, not a bad pixel issue)
  • Fix marquee (make stiffer diffuser, enable 8-pixel characters, shorter (black) network cable, attach LED strips better), strengthen box halves, fix Arduino sketch problem.
  • Build flat tree like Keith's!


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